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This 3-Session Series is about Profitable Investment Deals – deals that are profitable for your Private Lenders. In other words – structuring deals in such a way that a private investor will find the ‘investment’ more attractive to their investing tastes.

Basically . . . “What Private Lenders Want”.

This 3-Session webinar training is brought to you my the Private Lending Insider here on

These Workshops are Free to ALL of our Active Members and is to educate you on raising private money from real people, with real money to invest.

If you are not yet a member of the Private Lending Insider, we invite you to listen to the first 20 minutes of Session 1 of “Profitable Investment Deals” and then, consider becoming a member of the Private Lending Insider here on

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Powerpoint vs. Flip Chart

Is it really necessary that I create a power point presentation to make my investor presentations?


What If I had a flip chart or an overhead projector?




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How Are You Funding Your Deals

Our Private Lending Insider Program:
Timely, Realistic and Proven Method
To Raise Private Capital. 

specifically designed to
work in Today’s Economy.
And Get Laser Sharp
Advice on Your Deals

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private-investor-questionsAttention: This is ONLY for Real Estate Investors who are willing to Do What It Takes to Have Private Money for their Deals.

Do you want $100,000’s of Private Money from Private Lenders to Use As You Please for Your Real Estate Deals?

Flub these Answers and You Can Kiss Good-bye any Chance of Getting Private Money Investments

What you need to know first 

This is What You Need to Know First

Read More→


An intensive personal 8-week training
to bring you to getting the check

Here's How to Enroll in the Private Money Mastery Program

The Private Money Mastery Program is a short-term intensive 8-week training the will give You the entrepreneur, the “real life” skills, ability and every Resource you need to go out and find those high-net worth individuals who are interested in investing in your business and then actually convince them to write a check.

The system is based on Professor Richard Odessey’s GRAD formula (Get Ready, Attract, Deliver).  Richard is both a longtime entrepreneur and a Private Investor himself.   You will learn directly from Richard and the CEO of his Angel Investor Group.

And you will get personalized instruction that you can apply to your very own business and go out and raise the capital you need to succeed.

Here is the knowledge and skills you will develop:

I. Get Ready

When you meet with those Angel Investors (or anyone else who might invest), you’ll want to be totally prepared.  Imagine the confidence you’ll have knowing you have a great plan, a great investment and that you can easily respond to anything an investor throws at you.

So, well start off by helping you:

  • create your credibility kit including an impressive bio, business summary, and testimonials
  • create your board of Advisors and Strategic Team to bolster your credibility and appeal to investors
  • For real estate investors we’ll show you how to put together your property  package
  • Create your offer that will stimulate the greed glands of your investors without giving away the farm.
  • Make sure you have the proper “investor-friendly” entity structure
  • Create your 1 page investor profile (sophisticated investors with big bucks will expect this).
  • Create a timeline so you can accomplish your goads in weeks, not months or years

II. Attract

In the “Attract” phase you will develop the tools and resources to find the investors that are right for your business and learn how to get them interested in investing.

You will:

  • Work with your list of contacts and learn how to expand
  • Get an in depth understanding of investor psychology and learn what buttons to push
  • Develop an “elevator pitch” that will catch the attention of investors
  • Learn how “Get the Meeting”
  • Develop master networking skills.

III. Deliver

This is the “show me the money” part of the formula.  It consists of:

  • Developing a Powerful, Concise and Effective powerpoint presentation
  • Recording it.
  • Having your presentation professionally critiqued
  • And practice, practice, practice
  • Going over questions you will be asked and how to answer them.
  • How to ask for the money

If you agree to put in the work, we can show you how to master all these skills, and go out and get the money.

Private Money Mastery is an 8 week intense program.   You will be mentored by 2 master instructors: an experienced entrepreneur/and investor, and the CEO of an Angel Investor Group.

This is a totally unique program devoted to skill mastery and is only for entrepreneurs willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.

Please Fill out and Submit the Application below.
Richard will contact you to set up your first meeting.

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