Private Placement Memo Template

Nine times out of ten, before you start to raise money or any deal or business venture you need to make sure you comply with your State and Federal Securities Laws.

To do that, you are almost always going to need a document called a Private Placement Memorandum to submit to the regulatory agency, and give to your private lenders before they write you a check.

You could pay a lawyer thousands of dollars to create one of these for you, or you could start with this template to create one yourself and then pay a lawyer a smaller fee to review it.

This bonus will save you thousands and could save you at least 90 days of preparation time alone.

Disclaimer: This Private Placement Memo Template is meant to be used as a “guide” to help you prepare the information required for your company and is not to be used as a replacement for a bona fide securities attorney.  We strongly advise that after you complete this template to the best of your ability, you engage a bona fide securities attorney who knows and can make sure that your private placement memo complies with all the rules and laws of your State and the Federal government.-08162011

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